From November 10th to November 30th, we invite you to enjoy our special
seasonal menu featuring the finest goose dishes.

„Roasting goose for St. Martin dates back very long ago; hence it probably comes from the fact that peasants usually paid tributes, among which there were also geese. The recipient, having enough of them, invited guests to a feast of roasted goose. sour apples (in the filling). Beating and roasting geese on St. Martin may come from here, because they are then the fattest and tastiest”.
Oskar Kolberg (ethnographer)

Smoked goose tartare – 52 zł

Turnip soup with pulled goose – 45 zł

Main dishes
Slow-cooked goose breast with pumpkin gnocchi – 85 zł

Confit goose leg with thyme demi-glace sauce – 89 zł

Sponge cake with white poppy seeds, nuts and chocolate – 34 zł

Offer valid: 10-30.11.2023