~ Starter ~

Flemish beef carpaccio – 126 zł
Belgian Blue beef, asparagus, strawberries, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil

~ Soup ~

Asparagus cream with egg poche –  29 zł
Fresh asparagus, egg, and sour cream

~ Main dishes ~

“Belgian Blue” beef sirloin steak with asparagus – 240 zł
Beef “Belgian Blue”, asparagus, egg yolk, tarragon

~ Desserts ~

Strawberries with asparagus mousse – 32 zł
Fresh strawberries, asparagus, mascarpone, basil

Belgian Blue beef has a strong and intense flavor, with rich, dry meat notes and a medium long aftertaste. Delicate and crispy structure can surprise with juiciness, even though the meat is lean. The natural richness of the taste of Flemish beef means that basic spices – salt, pepper and garlic are enough to prepare it

Fresh asparagus is supplied by the local farm of Bogusława Ross

Offer valid from May 1st!

Guests of the Renaissance restaurant can use the hotel car park for FREE!