This representation considering privacy protection in [WEB SITES] has been prepared by PAZIM sp. z o.o. and constitutes the proof of the company’s awareness of the issue of privacy protection on web sites. The following paragraphs include the regulations considering collection of client information, which are applied in relation to the above-mentioned web sites.

§ 1. WEB SITES limit the usage of client information to the minimum necessary to provide our clients with the best quality services, which includes among others informing our clients about the products and services in our offer.

§ 2. The “Newsletter” field located in WEB SITES is used for collecting user information, such as e-mail addresses or personal and address data. The information is not provided to third parties without User\’s prior consent unless it is required by the provisions of law in force and the information is used mainly for the realization of obligations in relation to the clients, such as providing subscription and subscribed news.

§ 3. Users IP addresses are used for diagnosing problems related to the operation of our server, the analysis of security violations and the management of our WEB SITES. IP address is used for the identification and collecting demographic information from our visitors (e.g. information on the region where the connection took place). The information is never linked to personal data of e-mail subscribers or subscribers of other services provided by WEB SITES.

§ 4. In special cases the collected information is used for group and general statistical statements, which are revealed to third parties. As a rule they include information on the site’s visitors’ number. However the statements do not include any information which would enable identification of individual users of WEB SITES.

§ 5. Sometimes WEB SITES use “cookies” files, which facilitate the usage of their contents. “Cookies” include useful information and are stored on a user’s computer – our server may read it while establishing another connection with the computer. Disabling “cookies” in a web browser our user is still able to access our WEB SITES.

§ 6. WEB SITES use cookies in order to provide users with the content matching their interests and for other purposes (e.g. establishing the rank of most popular sub-sites).

§ 7. Our WEB SITES may include order forms enabling ordering information, products and services. The forms enable collecting visitors’ contact information (such as users’ e-mail addresses). The information from order forms is used for the realization of orders, sending information on our company and promotion materials from some of our partners.

§ 8. The clients’ contact information is also used for contacting them when necessary (e.g. when an order confirmation is required). Users may disable receiving e-mails from us.

§ 9. In our surveys we ask visitors to provide their contact information (such as e-mail address). In justified cases the contact information from the surveys is used for sending information on our company and promotion materials from some of our partners. The clients’ contact information is also used for contacting them when necessary. Participants in our surveys may disable receiving e-mails from us.